Negratín Reservoir

Situated in Friela, the Embalse  de Negratin was built in 1984, by damming the Guadiana Menor River which is in fact dammed twice. the Negratin Reservoir being formed by the lower dam. This is Andalucia’s third largest reservoir as regards capacity .

There are two recognized beaches on the reservoir, at Friela and at Cuevas del Campo (nudist).

The beach was made on one of the lake’s banks taking advantage of a natural cove, in the part of the lake belonging to the municipality of Freila, and it is a good place for playing all kind of water sports with no need to travel as far as the coast.

On july 2005, a new second beach has been opened in Cuevas del Campo, it is a nudist one and the first of this type in Andalucía.



There are also many places that you can access the lakeside, many with convenient parking.










Lake Negratin