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Trips to Spain

For those who want a special holiday on the European Continent, Spain is an exquisite choice. Rumors that Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world are not simply rumors, they are facts. In order to convince yourself about it, you have to see it with your own eyes. If you already know that Spain is your holiday destination, but the exact part of Spain to visit is a total mystery to you, I strongly recommend Extremadura.

Extremadura has Merida as its capital and consists of two provinces: Caceres and Badajoz. In Extremadura, Merida is a must on your list of places to visit, because the Roman ruins are absolutely spectacular. The Romans turned Extremadura into a very important part of the country, giving it important roles. Since the region was of great importance for the entire country, the capital also received an important role and became a main city. A few decades later, the region was obliged to play the role of being a border between the Moors and the Christians and their empires, but with the famous discovery of America, there was some relief.

Extremadura is a beautiful region of Spain, with landscapes that vary from high mountain ranges such as the Sierra Morena or Cardillera Central, to vast plains and valleys which belong to the Tajo and Guadiana Rivers. The climate is not as welcoming in winters as it is in other parts of Spain, because it is a continental one, with hot summers, but cold winters. Not too many tourists choose Extremadura for their holiday destination, which makes it a very relaxed and detached experience, far from all the noise and agitation of mass tourism. However, when you visit it, you will be impressed by the beauty of their traditions, with their colorful and lively costumes and by the beauty of the ceramics and metal handmade objects.

The main attractions

The region has a few important cities which deserve your attention. Merida is of course the main attraction, with its Roman ruins, such as the aqueducts, the colossal Theatre or the bridge. Guadalupe is also very nice and world-renowned for being the city where the great Pizarro was born. Plasencia is worth visiting for the Cathedral which displays Gothic and Plateresque location villa lloret elements, while the Mudejar style is hosted by Guadalupe.

Have lots of fun in your holiday and enjoy every single moment of it!

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