Sierra Nevada

Andalusia and Sierra Nevada

Andalusia is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain. It is located in the south of the peninsula and enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. The terrain of Andalusia is unique in Spain as it offers a multitude of altitudes. The highest mountain peaks are in Andalusia but there are also areas under 100 meters. Sierra Nevada is the Spanish mountain range known for both containing the highest point of Spain and for being the southernmost place where people can ski in Europe. Sierra Nevada is the holiday destination preferred by those who love winter sports because the conditions are among the best in Europe, able to compete with France and Switzerland, countries famous for their mountain resorts.

What can you do in Sierra Nevada?

Sierra Nevada is great for skiing in winter and perfect for jeep safaris in summer. It is probably the only place in the world where you can enjoy the snow in the morning and then head to a swim in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon. Sierra Nevada allows it and this is what makes it so famous and one of the top holiday destinations in Spain. Jeep safaris, bike trips and foot walks are very popular in the summer because they all provide the same thing: sightseeing which is absolutely spectacular in Sierra Nevada. The landscapes are beautiful and offer a once in a lifetime experience; this is what tourists are looking for. In winters, after getting bored of skiing, you can visit the wonderful towns of Malaga or Almeria. They are situated right at the foothills of Sierra Nevada.

Where should you stay?

The answer to this question is very simple: villas.

Renting villas is a very good idea: they are very private and situated in idyllic places. What else can you ask for? Chalet Airam, for example, is situated in the heart of Sierra Nevada in the centre of the Natural Park. Just five kilometers away from Granada, it offers easy access to the shops and restaurants. The lush garden hosts a private pool and has breathtaking views of the mountains. If you choose the southern slopes of the mountains, Cortijo La Suerte is waiting for you. It is a typical house for “el campo”, where nature lovers can enjoy the atmosphere of the countryside. Canoeing, climbing, horse riding, mountain biking and even rafting are available very close to the villa. Is there anything else that one can ask for?

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